Arabic Door Corporate Calendar

Corporate Arabic Door Calendar Corporate Arabic Door Calendar

Arabic Door Corporate Calendar

A beautiful door reminiscent of the ancient Arabic Doors in the region.

The Arabic Door Ramadan Countdown Calendar consists of 2 doors which open to reveal 30 individual pieces of superior quality chocolate. The Arabic door rests on a solid stand so that the doors can remain invitingly open, and so that after Ramadan, the inner tray can be removed and the door can be used very effectively as picture frame, thus increasing the efficiency and longlasting usage of the item.

The doors close with little magnets for secure closing. And additionally each Arabic Door comes with an attractive sleeve for addtional protection.

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Additional Info

  • Visual Description: Arabic Door Corporate Calendar
  • Filling: 30 Pieces of Chocolate, 5 varieties of Arabica flavoured fillings in premium chocolate, 3 varieties of camel milk chocolate pralines
  • Single Item: Choice of fillings
  • Mutli-Pack: 12 units per outer
  • Product Code: CC OK 002
  • Barcode: 6297000386393
  • Price: Between AED 190.00 and AED 325.00
  • Multi-Pack Price: TBA

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