Welcoming Mosque

Welcoming Mosque Welcoming Mosque

30 Day Countdown Calendar for Ramadan

The colourful design of many mosques symbolizes the call to prayer.

Each little door contains a delicious chocolate in a colourful wrapper of either a mosque, a camel, a palm tree, a moon or a coffee pot. The chocolate is of a premium quality from Belgium and meets all Islamic Regulations.

The little doors of this calendar have specifically been left BLANK so that parents can exert their own control over their child's activities of either fasting for a few hours or the good deed they feel they would like them learn.

It also contains a colouring in page for the child to colour in and gift back to Mum or Dad, or to the person who gave them the calendar. The visual is the same as the colourful mosque design so that is easy for the child to follow.

This calendar carries the approval of Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding.


Additional Info

  • Visual Description: Welcoming Mosque
  • Filling: 30 Pieces of Chocolate, 1x Colouring-In Page
  • Single Item: 180g - 30 Pieces of Quality Chocolate in Bright Wrappers
  • Mutli-Pack: 4.32kg - 24 x Ramadan Calendars
  • Product Code: PCOK 001 B
  • Barcode: 6297000386041
  • Price: 49.50 AED
  • Multi-Pack Price: TBA