What is it?

A Ramadan calendar is an inspirational Islamic calendar with 30 little doors each one filled with a treat and / or a message to count down and celebrate the 29 / 30 days of Ramadan, and is specifically designed to encourage children to observe Ramadan. The 30 days lead to the 1st day of the next month "Shawwal", which is the Festival of breaking the Fast, or "Eid-el-Fitr"


Is the product completely Halal?

Yes. Every element of the product  is produced in the UAE, from the packaging through to the chocolate / sweet content. All suppliers are auditied on a regular basis and are in possession of the necessary certificates to meet the Islamic regulations as stipulated by the United Arab Emirates governing body.


Is the countdown calendar in accordance with Islamic doctrine?

Yes. The material has been approved by Head of Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding / Department of Islamic Affairs.


Should this item take over the parent’s role in teaching the child about Ramadan?

Definitely not! The countdown calendar is an educational tool to assist parents in teaching and encouraging their children to fast for Allaah. It makes it easier because it gets into the mind of a child and helps him / her to understand the concept of “good behaviour and reward” and “giving and receiving”. Parents are essential in teaching children the doctrines and traditions of faith.


Will you be bringing any other new products on the market related to the calendars?

Very definitely. In 2012, select new products will be added to the range, so as to offer the consumer a selection tailored to her needs, whilst engaging the child’s mind.

The range for adults will also be expanded to provide increased variety and meet a broader spectrum of consumer requirements. 


Why are there two kinds of Children's calendars - i.e one that is blank, and one with 30 messages on the inside of the windows?

The Blank one is for parents who would like to personally guide the child as to the goals for the next day - he/ she knows what the child is capable of, and what would motivate, or be a learning for the child.

The calendar with the 30 messages is to guide the child with ideas of what to do that would be good, but it does not take into account the age of the child or the capabilities / learning areas of the child.

In 2012, new options will be available which will focus very specifically on even more religious aspects as well, such as the learning of Qur'anic verses and Hadiths for each of the 30 days of Ramadan.


How can I find out more?

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How is it used?

Every sunset, after fasting for a short while or after doing a good deed, the child opens the little door for the correct day of Ramadan, to find the treat or 'reward'. The last 10 days are especially highlighted to reflect the special status of these days.

The calendar that contains the 30 good deed messages, guide the child in terms of a good deed he or she can perform on the next day of Ramadan.

Also included in the pack, is a colouring-in page for the child to take out on the last day of Ramadan to colour in and give to Mum or Dad as a gift for Eid.



child4Teaching Islam to a child is not easy as the subject is very serious and sometimes appears very complicated to a child. Therefore, to make it easier and allow the child understanding from a young age,  it is necessary to get into the mind of a child.

The objective of the children’s countdown calendar is to help parents teach and encourage their children about the religious beliefs and practices of the Islamic faith in a way which is appealing to children, by endorsing the ‘good deed' and or ‘fasting’ activity with an end reward.

Additionally, the key message of Eid of giving and receiving, is easily taught: the child has been given the countdown calendar and is tasked at the end of Ramadan to colour in the picture and gifting it to Mum or Dad, or someone special. This teaches the child the virtue and the pleasure of giving.

These practical applications teach children in a fun and easy way the traditions and beauty of Islam, whilst creating  family moments between parent and child.


Welcoming Mosque

Welcoming Mosque Welcoming Mosque

30 Day Countdown Calendar for Ramadan

The colourful design of many mosques symbolizes the call to prayer.

Each little door contains a delicious chocolate in a colourful wrapper of either a mosque, a camel, a palm tree, a moon or a coffee pot. The chocolate is of a premium quality from Belgium and meets all Islamic Regulations.

The little doors of this calendar have specifically been left BLANK so that parents can exert their own control over their child's activities of either fasting for a few hours or the good deed they feel they would like them learn.

It also contains a colouring in page for the child to colour in and gift back to Mum or Dad, or to the person who gave them the calendar. The visual is the same as the colourful mosque design so that is easy for the child to follow.

This calendar carries the approval of Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding.


Additional Info

  • Visual Description: Welcoming Mosque
  • Filling: 30 Pieces of Chocolate, 1x Colouring-In Page
  • Single Item: 180g - 30 Pieces of Quality Chocolate in Bright Wrappers
  • Mutli-Pack: 4.32kg - 24 x Ramadan Calendars
  • Product Code: PCOK 001 B
  • Barcode: 6297000386041
  • Price: 49.50 AED
  • Multi-Pack Price: TBA
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